Hey eveyone! How is everyone’s summer going? I know I’m having a good time. I think the weather has been a little funky. It doesn’t feel like summer to me. I know every time I tried to go to the beach the weather isn’t on my side. Even though it really cold I jump right in the water and pay the consequences later.   I also miss all my friends. I know I want to go back to school but when I get there I am just going to wish it was summer again. So I will just enjoy it while it lasts. I haven’t done much this summer. All I have done is sleep, eat, watch t.v.,  go to the beach, go to parties and   sleepovers,  work on the summer reading assignment, and think about how much I don’t want to do the summer reading assignment. I think the things  I love most about summer and back to school is that you get to sleep in,  your parents have to buy you new stuff, and you get a break from people you see all year! So now its your turn to tell me about your summer?

P.S. What book did you pick for your summer reading assignment?

Should Sixth Graders be in Middle School or in Elementary?

Should 6th graders be placed in middle school or in elementary?  Do you think 6th graders  are too small to go to middle school? Don’t you think that parents worry about their 6th grader being with 7th and 8th graders? I think that having 6th graders in middle school is a lot more better. I think 6th graders should be in elementary.

Study shows that 75%  of 6th graders  are academically  better  when they are in elementary. According to researchers at the University of California 6th graders in middle school have lower test scores than 6th graders in elementary.It also says 6th graders in middle school tend to become more stressed under the work load. Instead of having minimum homework from only one teacher they have a lot of homework from several teachers. In elementary they have roughly one hour of homework. In middle school they have roughly two hours of homework.

When you are in 6th grade you are barely maturing physically. They don’t clearly understand what is happening to their bodies.Study shows that when you are in 6th grade you become more interested in the opposite sex. When you are in middle school that tends to become stronger. The children then become more distant and rebellious. They can seem mature in some ways and not in others.

When 6th graders are in elementary they more supervision because they still are small. In middle school you must be more independent  and so they don’t have as much supervision. The staff doesn’t get a good chance to watch every kid. In elementary they are constantly being looked after.  In middle school you have to count on them to watch their selves because they are constantly switching classes all over the place. No one will ever watch their every move.

In conclusion, I think 6th graders should be in elementary school.  For many reasons because they do better academically, they mature better , and they have better supervision. Nowadays 75% of schools have 6th graders placed in middle school, only 25% of schools have sixth graders in elementary. Now you should really look over what benefits everyone.

Credits: Grace Chen”Should Sixth Grade be in Elementary School or Middle School?” Public School Review . March 30,2010, June 2,2010.<>

My out-of-class nomination………

The winner is Haley’s Blog!

She has lots of this on her blog. She has lots to look at. It is cool and updated.  She has kept up with most challenges. She is cool and a great writer. Her personality comes across well. Her blog is fun and serious. She doesn’t have lots of distracting things. Her blog is really cool.

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My favorite blog from my class is a good one. She has kept up with every challenge and has amazing posts. She has done everything to make her blog a winner. She knows how to make links and she knows how to insert pictures. She has done a great job always adding something new. She has many cool posts. There is so much to look at. Her blog is fun yet serious.  She has been up to date and this blog is too!

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My class blog nomination……….

The winner is Huzzah!!!

This class blog is fun and inviting. It has different kinds of posts for all types of interests. I think it is cool. They update often. There is so much to look at. I think it is fun and still has learning everywhere. All the students have their own blog. they are all pretty cool. They have kept up with most of the challenges and are a great candidate.

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What I Want?!:D

I would love to something different this spring break! I want to go somewhere warm and fun for everyone. I dont want to be bored on the whole vacation. I think i would want to go to ….somewhere different and far! I want to go scuba diving in ….Hawaii! Photo…/640/Default.aspx I love to swim and Ilove the wild life it is really cool. I would love a bunch of tropical fish swimming around me. I think it would be cool to experience that with a friend. Ever since I was little I’ve dreampt of  going to Hawaii. I love the exotic and tropical places. I think I am definetly a earth girl!


I’m so happy spring break is here!!!:) It is time to get a break from all the work. I’m not too sure what I’m going to do. I do know I’m going to sleep over my friends house and have lots of fun!!! For sure I’m going to go spring shopping! I love spring time!! But after a while the fun is over and its back to school…..until summer!!!!!:)